Historic Athens Hotel | Culture & Comfort at NOT Hotel
No ordinary

200-year-old building with a rich, contrastive history.

The stone building in which the NOT is housed, is located next to the ancient walls of Athens, on the glorious “Great Road”, which connects the ancient city to its natural port of Piraeus to this day.

A brothel at the turn of the 18th century; a barn for the army’s horses before the war; barracks for English soldiers during World War II; housing for gas factory workers; and a film studio in the 1970s.

Once on the verge of extinction, the building that houses NOT, has now evolved into a one-of-a-kind shelter in the city, welcoming those who appreciate the beauty of truth.

Quietly decaying until an apocalyptic event took place.

Giannis, Emily, and Leonidas, a Greek family, founded “Gazarte”, a music scene that hosts international and domestic artists, for almost 30 years in Kerameikos, the district where ancient Athenians buried their citizens; all equally great.

About a few metres above Gazarte, the NOT follows the ancient Panathenaia road. Τhe family had not discover its existence, not until the day Giannis looked through a crack in the main gate and saw for the first time this extraordinary building of unusual beauty.

A dreamers’ place was born.

The thought of bringing this beautiful, long-abandoned structure back to life immediately sparked a burst of excitement among the family members.

They could not help but imagine how wonderful it would be to delve into its multidimensional history, restore its functionality, and create a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience for the travellers who will opt NOT for an exceptional stay in the historic side of Athens.

A structure that exudes culture.

The original ambiance of NOT was refreshed with the intention of connecting the past with the present.

The stone made building was enhanced with iron and wooden design elements bringing the vibes of an old traditional Athenian neighbourhood of the 1920s. into the 2020s.

NOT has been meticulously restored with respect to its former glory while maintaining the building’s essential architecture which provides its occupants with privacy, security, and a sense of seclusion from the outer abuzz world.

Nature in the core of the art of living.

The central element of NOT’s structure is the inner lush garden, surrounded by the housing units and the hosting areas of the hotel.

Next to the native olive trees, the owners planted some of the most stunning species of Greek flora, along with flowers and herbs from the Greek countryside.

The sun rays illuminate the verdant paved yard and the iconic atrium, creating a tranquil atmosphere, while the water pool and the ancient well become the natural revitalizers of the premise.

Living Energy

The myths, stories, and vibrations of the people who keep energising the stone made building for over two centuries, give it the substance of a hospitality space that remains preserved to this day.

The “topography” of the structure makes it so that individuality is respected to its fullest extent.

Each section complements the others by radiating a positive and harmonious vibe and all together create a unified environment where simplicity emerges and the beauty of everyday life is cherished.

The owners’ sole desire and pursuit is to connect NOT’s residents with a real world that is slowly disappearing so that we can envision a truly human future.